On Platform Scales

Platform scales are a bit different from conventional scales or bench scales as they are most commonly referred to as. The major difference herein lies in that platform scales have a larger weighing surface. With a variety of applications, heavy duty floor scale boast of a superior structural design and finish a cut above the rest. These scales are ideal for many uses both industrial, commercial and for home use.

Platform Scale

The indicators of the weight found on the platform scales are separate to the platform and the weighing surface. This is different from conventional scales where the scales are mounted on the back of the scales themselves. With the platform scales however the scales are stand alone or at times mounted onto a stand or a wall for convenience. The platform scale has a wide array of uses clearly different from the rest. With this added advantage over other scales in the market, the platform scale is able to weigh much larger items and loads. Not only does it do this but also the fact that it has a standalone scale, it ensures that the large items and loads do not block visibility ensuring that would be clients are able to clearly see the exact weight of the items accurately by observing this. [Read more…]

Sharad Mission Overview – Mission to Mars

Following the ASI -NASA agreements of the SOI the AO-01-ASI-UPS- Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter 2005 has been issued by ASI on the 26th June 2001.

INFOCOM, the TL Institution, submitted the proposal

Subsurface Sounding SHAllow RAdar SHARAD

The EB quoted the Proposal as fully in compliance wrt the AO and of high scientific merit and to be fully funded.
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Sharad – Searching for Water on the Subsurface of Mars

The SHARAD (SHAllow RADar) is a radar sounder that will be used to explore the subsurface and surface of Mars in the context of the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter 2005 mission.

The subsurface sounding SHARAD can in principle detect liquid water and profile ice in the first few hundred meters of the subsurface with approximately 10 to 20 m vertical resolution (10 MHz bandwidth; 15 m resolution in free space). [Read more…]